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Short-sea shipping in a new context

The new environmental and technological challenges and Brexit entail changes to multimodal logistics and port operations. 

Shortsea Bilbao aims to explain the changes to port operations and their processes in this new context.

Those interested can attend the hybrid day, either in person or virtually (via streaming). The day will gather relevant actors who will explain the new operations in the United Kingdom.

The virtual platform will remain active for another two weeks after the Shortsea Bilbao event to answer any queries after the presentations, and to provide further information. The platform will serve as a meeting and contact point for attendees, speakers and other participants. A networking-conducive space.


United Kingdom Primary market for the port of Bilbao

The port of Bilbao has facilities and services suitable for operations with third-countries, which currently represent 67% of its traffic.

Given the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the Port Authority of Bilbao has implemented the necessary changes to ensure Brexit does not entail a loss of competitiveness.

The Port of Bilbao currently handles 15% of Spain’s total trade with the United Kingdom and 37% of its maritime transport, making it the leading Spanish port in terms of traffic with the United Kingdom.

The Spanish Shortsea Promotion Center – SPC

SPC is an essential agent for the promotion of more sustainable and competitive transport.





Ms. Elena Seco. President of SPC Spain

Mr. Ricardo Barkala. President of Port Authority of Bilbao



The role of the Short Sea Shipping for a more sustainable transport

Ms. Pilar Tejo. Technical Management SPC Spain 

Carbon footprint reduction.

10:30 Ms. Virginia Navarro. Containerships Regional Manager.

10:45 Mr. Sebastiano Cirnigliaro. Key Account & Business Development Manager at Grimaldi.

11:00 Mr. Pedro López. General Director at Ewals Cargo Iberia.

11:15 Tomás J. Balada. Business Controller Grupo Mazo.


11:30 How BREXIT impacts on the shippers operations.

Ms. Nuria Lacaci. Spanish Shippers Association ACE.

11:45 The challenges of road transport of temperature-controlled products in the face of Brexit.

Mr Manuel Pérez Carro, General Secretary of CETM Frigoríficos.




Border controls.

What changes?

12:00 Ms. Arantza Inchausti. Head of the Regional Customs Office

12:15 Ms. Patricia Ceberio. Head of Border Control Post at the Port Authority of Bilbao. Central Government Delegation in Bizkaia.

12:30 Port of Bilbao e-commerce platform. 

Mr. Txaber Goiri. Chief of Department of Competitiveness and Innovation at the Port Authority of Bilbao.

12:45 Operations at the Port of Bilbao.

Mr. Andima Ormaetxe. Director of Commercial and Logistics Operations at the Port Authority of Bilbao.

13:00 Brittany Ferries Solution

Ms. Sara Bueno: Brexit Project Coordinator for Spain at Brittany Ferries.

Mr. Fabrice Turquet: Freight Sales Manager for Spain and Portugal at Brittany Ferries.

13:15 Portsmouth International Port – Brexit planning

James Evans​ Duty Port Operations Manager at Portsmouth International Port.


Debate, discussion and questions.




Pilar Tejo

Sara Bueno

Txaber Goiri

Nuria Lacaci

Elena Seco

Patricia Ceberio

Pedro López

Fabrice Turquet

Tomás J. Balada

Andima Ormaetxe

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The virtual platform will remain active for another two weeks after the Shortsea Bilbao event and serve as a meeting and contact point between attendees, speakers and organizers. 

A networking-conducive space.



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